One country, five regions, countless experiences.

Our extra values

  • Meet Argentinian outgoing, friendly and effusive people
  • Enjoy endless natural resources: mountains chains, massive lakes, enormous water falls, lush forest, huge glaciers, icebergs, vast deserts, wetlands.
  • Savour our local cuisine: “Asado” (barbeque) together with a juicy “Empanada” and a delicious glass of Malbec wine, ending with typical “dulce de leche” or “The Mate” our national drink.
  • Feel the passion and romance of the Tango
  • Witness the huge fanatism and passion for football, the most popular national sport.
  • Watch the diversity of our Fauna: Whale´s watching, penguins, sealions, beavers, Patagonian bird watching, Pumas, Guanacos, Horses.
  • Practice endless variety of sports : Golf, Kayak, Rafting, Canopy, fly fishing, bird watching, trekking, horseback riding and running.
  • Observe more about our European influence through our buildings
  • Put a mark in your passport by visiting the southernmost city of the world with access to Antarctica
  • Get to visit Iguazu Water Falls, one of the seven natural beauties of the world
  • Walk inside Perito Moreno Glacier, second largest ice cup of the world in southern Patagonia
  • Glamping in the middle of the virgin Patagonian landscape
  • Have a luxury private cocktail inside a cruise facing Patagonian glaciers
  • Explore an endless astounding natural world heritage
  • Witness the smell of the countryside in the Pampas by visiting an Estancia where you will be able to get to know the “Gaucho” lifestyle, ride a horse or practice Polo and take part of their traditional festivities.